【戸村 しのぶ(Shinon)プロフィール】

【Shinon Tomura Biography】

Director of TB-project Co., Ltd. Singer/Lyricist.

Born in Yokohama, Japan. When she was 5 years old, started to learn classic piano and solfeggio. In her highschool and college years, she has played in many bands as a keyboardist, drummer, vocalist, and backing vocalist. After graduation from the department of English at Gakushuin University, joined Fujitsu Limited.

While she worked for advertising and event department for Personal computers, received voice trainings, and sang at many overseas concerts 
as a vocalist of GYPSY QUEEN.

She always sings in the local languages where she visits to entertain audience. As of 2019, she has had about 170 overseas concerts in

10 Asian countries. (Please click the clip icon to check the pamphlet of tours.)

After leaving Fujitsu, from 2005 she joined TB-project. She has not only sung but also written lyrics for many projects like Japanese lyrics for Disney song, Hong Kong movies or CM, Vietnamese songs.... and so on. And also works for planning, producing, casting and coordinating of entertainment of Japan and overseas (mainly Hong Kong, China)

​Click here to her works.

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