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[Yoshiaki Ben Tomura Biography]

President of TB-project Co.,Ltd. and Producer of SKY PLANNING CO.,LTD., the planning and production company of SKY Group.

Born in Hong Kong. Former name is 李祥榮 (Cheung-Wing Lee/Benjamin Lee) .
After graduation from St. Francis of Assisi College, in 1986 headed to Japan and learned Japanese language. From 1987, learned about film making at Tama Geijutsu Gakuen ( currently Tama Art University ). While studying at the film school, he met Hong Kong director Ann Hui and participated in her films as a production staff, and started to be involved in the production of Japan-Hong Kong co-production films.

In 1997 naturalized in Japan.

He used to work for International Affairs Department of AMUSE Inc., and Project Department of Fuji Television, and has been working on artist management, making films, dramas and TV programs, planning and managing of events and concerts. Especially he has worked in a Japanese movie and drama industry from 1998 and worked for more than 50 titles.

In 2005 established TB-project, and in 2016 incorporated as TB-project Co.,Ltd., and work on planning, producing, casting and coordinating of entertainment of Japan and overseas( mainly Hong Kong, China)

Click here to his works.

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