Shinon Tomura
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<CD release/Distribution>

・2003 GYPSY QUEEN Album "Wired"(King Records)

・2004 GYPSY QUEEN Album "SILK"(Triem)

・2008 GYPSY QUEEN Album "Door of Dream"(One asia Records)

・2008 GYPSY QUEEN Vietnam Festival Theme Song "Happy to see you"(One asia Records)

・2009 GYPSY QUEEN Album "Paradise in your soul"(One asia Records)(Collaboration with the Vietnamese singers; My Linh/Lam Truong/Hien Thuc)

・2015 "Hong Kong Canon Okinawa Girls × Jimmy Ming Shum" Commercial Song (Lyrics/vocal) 

・2018   Album "Disney Princess Music Collection: Live Your Story " (Universal Music)(Japanese lyrics for the title song )

・2021 Shinon Tomura/A-Un(Maret Aska(Kaneko)/Akira Ogawa) Music Video ”Earth Turns Eternal 2021(TB-project)

  "Earth Turns Eternal 2021 Chinese Ver."(TB-project)

  "Earth Turns Eternal 2021 Vietnamese Ver." (TB-project)

・2021 Shinon Tomura Single ”INORI(Prayer)" (TB-project)

・2022 "Earth Turns Eternal 2022 Dadi Yongheng (feat. A-Un)" Yip Sai Wing/Shinon Tomura (LEYLINE-RECORDS

<Song Writing>

・2015 "Hong Kong Canon Okinawa Girls × Jimmy Ming Shum" Commercial Song (Lyrics/vocal) 

・2015 Hong Kong "TOKYO GIRL travelogue"Theme Song (Lyrics)

・2016 Hong Kong Movie "Drink, Drank, Drunk" Theme Song (Japanese Lyrics)

・2016 Produced Hong Kong movie ”One Night To Be Star again" Ending Theme Song, Insert song(Lyrics)

・2017 Vietnamese Singer, Hai Trieu "ĐÂU CHỈ RIÊNG EM" (Japanese Lyrics)​

・2018 Disney "Live Your Story ~"<Japanese Ver.>(Japanese Lyrics Song:Tomona Yabiku) ※"Dream Big, Princess"Campaign song

・2019 "Hong Kong Genki Sushi 2019" Commercial Song (Lyrics)


・From 2001, had about 200 overseas concerts in 10 Asian countries (China, Mongolia, Brunei, Malaysia, Laos, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia)

​And appeared in many festivals related other Asian countries in Japan

・2008~2021 appear in Vietnam Festival in Tokyo

・2010~2019 appear in Laos Festival in Tokyo

・2013~2014 appear in ASEAN Festival in Tokyo

・2017~2019 appear in China Festival in Tokyo

・2014~2021 appear in Tohoku Food Marathon & Festival in Miyagi Pref. as a special supporter

・2021 appear in oneasia Festival in Tokyo


  ...and other many concerts and events appearance in Japan. 

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